Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

1. Jetpack

Active Installations: 5+ million

Jetpack is your one-stop shop for effortless blog management. Use it to incorporate social sharing buttons or measure reader engagement, capture reader details through subscription forms or reinforce security, optimize WordPress website performance or manage content layout – the possibilities are endless. No wonder Jetpack leads our top WordPress plugins list for bloggers.

2. Revive Old Posts

Active Installations: 30,000+

Do you have an existing content repository? Have you noticed that some blogs enjoy greater engagement than others? Do you wish to remarket these blogs across your social media networks? Then Revive Old Posts is the best WordPress plugin for such blogs!

Automate your calendar to reshare high-performing blogs and maintain healthy traffic on these pages. It also takes away some stress from creating fresh content if your content calendar is a bit askew.

Active Installations: 300,000+

Pretty Links is the most important WordPress plugin for when you run an affiliate marketing blog – after all, the money is in the links! And wouldn’t it be a shame if all your efforts were to go in vain just because you messed up here?

Pretty Links allow you to customize, brand, manage, and track links and make them more trustworthy (and traceable). So, go ahead and cash in on these advantages!

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