Essential WordPress Plugins for Backup

1. ManageWP Worker

Active Installations: 1+ million

ManageWP Worker is one of the best plugins for WordPress, especially for those having multiple WordPress websites. It allows you to seamlessly manage them over a unified dashboard and perform critical actions such as, releasing updates, checking performance, beefing up security, and creating backups!

The backups are incremental, reliable, capable of running on hourly cycles, and come with off-site storage.

2. VaultPress

Active Installations: 40,000+

VaultPress is one of the best WP plugins for backup and security. It maintains an organized and up-to-date backup of your WordPress website daily and in real time.

In case of any security threats or events, you can easily restore backups to the current site or an alternate test site. Plus, you can download to keep a local copy of the backup files.

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